Onyx Stone Heart
Onyx Stone Heart
Onyx Stone Heart
Onyx Stone Heart
Onyx Stone Heart

Onyx Stone Heart

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Embrace the power within with this captivating carved onyx heart.

The Stone of Strength and Protection:

Onyx, a gemstone known for its deep black color with captivating bands, is more than just striking; it's believed to possess empowering properties:

  • Strength and Resilience: Onyx is associated with fostering inner strength, determination, and willpower.
  • Protection and Grounding: This gemstone is thought to shield you from negativity and emotional attacks, promoting a sense of security and grounding.
  • Focus and Discipline: Onyx is believed to enhance focus, discipline, and self-control, aiding in the pursuit of your goals.

Nature's Strength, Uniquely Yours:

This carved onyx heart is a work of art. Each stone is selected, highlighting the natural variations in its deep black color and intriguing bands. 

Carry Your Strength:

This carved onyx heart is more than an ornament; it's a reminder to tap into your inner strength and power. Carry it with you during challenging times or keep it in a special place to serve as a source of resilience and unwavering determination.


  • Genuine carved onyx stone heart
  • 1 1/4" in length

A Gift of Strength:

This carved onyx heart is a perfect gift for anyone who needs a reminder of their inner strength. It's a powerful and meaningful piece that will be cherished for years to come.